Adex Club

Adjustable steel club from 3-30 lbs

The Adex adjustable club is the only adjustable and interchangeable combined club and mace system. Versatile for all users and precision made for long lasting durability and versatility.




NEW GENERATION Adjustable Exercise Club® Scalable! One club, 10 different weights! 3.5lbs to 25lbs.

The initial mistake in weighted club purchases is buying the wrong weight, Adex Clubs eliminate this problem! You ALWAYS have the weight that’s right for you quickly changeable from 3.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, & 25lbs! A complete, easily portable exercise club set to challenge trainees looking for that one modality to help them achieve top performance.

Now there is no need to have heavy, multiple club sets to train yourself or clients. One club adjusts manually to allow the trainee to perform light re/pre-hab exercises and warm-ups to mid-weight total body endurance work to big, heavy, two handed exercises for upper body and legs. Alone, clubwork is one of the most dynamic training styles, improving athletes from their very core outward. It is the perfect compliment for Crossfit, powerlifting, kettlebells, golf, tennis, strength, tri-athlete, martial arts, sport specific, endurance, bodybuilding, and many other sports including life!

Proudly made in the USA by skilled craftsmen. US Patent № 10,166,428 ADEX Adjustable Exercise Club is a registered Trademark #86175004


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