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Vintage Strength Games 2020 Worldwide Online

August 29, 2020

Registration is available at bottom of event page

Join us for the Vintage Strength Games – 2020, a first class event featuring time honored strength competitions of the mace and club.

This event continues building a series of events to be held around the country on a regular basis and is backed by Vintage Strength Training, Macefit, MaceWorx and Adex Clubs and Maces. Come to compete or learn.

All experience levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Vintage Strength Games Event Descriptions

Standard Competition Events

  • Mace 300
    • two handed short sprint – 5 minutes
    • one handed long sprint – 10 minutes
  • 360 Mace
    • two handed short sprint – 5 minutes
    • one handed long sprint – 10 minutes (unlimited switches)
  • Long Cycle Club
    • two handed short sprint – two clubs of equal weight – 5 minutes
    • one handed long sprint – one club – 10 minutes
  • Club Mill
    • two handed short sprint – 5 minutes
    • one handed long sprint – 10 minutes

Challenge Round – as time allows

  • Heavy Mace Ladder
  • Heavy Club Mills
  • Club Iron Cross Hold

Event Scoring

Medals for top three athletes in each weight class calculated by total weight moved by an athlete in all events participated in: reps x weight (of mace or club).

Overall male and Female winner will be presented with a trophy based on total points earned.

  • points = total weight / 1000

Series Scoring – VSG 2020

Athlete scores from each event are accumulated at the end of the year for Grand Champion awards.

Weight classes

  • Male
    • Under 210 lbs
    • 210 lbs and over
  • Female
    • Under 130 lbs
    • 130 lbs and over

1st event is $20, Second event is $10. Each additional event is $5. All six events would be $60

Athlete Registration
$60 for first event. $30 for second event. $15 for each event beyond that. Choose one or more events that you wish to compete in. One event = $60, Two events = $90, Three events = $105, Four Events = $120, Five Events = $135, Six Events = $150, all eight events = $180
If you have received a registration discount code, please enter it here. Discounts will be accounted for upon registration invoicing.
Enter event number from above, then the weight. For women, increments of 2.5 lbs, starting at 10lbs. For men, increments of 5 lbs, starting at 15lbs.


August 29, 2020
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Worldwide Virtual Online Event


Vintage Strength Training

Vintage Strength Training