Breaking out of linear training

There is much hype and many fads in the world of fitness, as any experienced coach or athlete knows.

Having trained people for several decades, I learned to sort out the solid training strategies from all the frivolous nonsense.

Valid training concepts endure the test of time.

I trained in a classical martial art for years that had its roots in ancient China. It had passed the test of time because it worked.

The same thing applies to mace and club training. The history of these implements spans the centuries.

Don Giafardino brought his Adex maces and clubs to my gym several years ago for an introductory workshop. I saw the validity of this type of training right away.

Much of the training at my gym, the Cave, had involved linear movements. Deadlifts, squats, bench press, Strongman, etc. all produced great results, but something was missing.

Mace and club training plugged the holes in our training.

Circular movements producing centrifugal force work your body much differently than the standard lifts. In fact, the traction effect they have on your joints can help you train longer and with less injuries

Over time we developed Mace Fit® and it is a regular part of our overall training. It is now our most popular class.

Frank DiMeo
Mace Fit® Coordinator

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