Valerie Pawlowski

“As a highly experienced fitness professional I believe Kettlebelle, Club, and Mace training is the most effective conditioning method to provide significant results in the shortest period of time and reduce risk of injury.”


Valerie Pawlowski is dedicated with a strong desire to succeed and accomplish anything. She always strives to serve as an example for all to “believe it and achieve it”! With her tremendous passion for making a difference in people’s lives, Valerie revels in the work of helping to build confidence in others, while witnessing their spectacular journey, as they exceed expectations in pursuit of fulfilling goals.

With more than 23 years professional training and coaching expertise, Valerie is committed to unleash unlimited power within individuals of all levels, to successfully achieve outstanding results and have the healthiest body ever.


Valerie is the Owner of Kettlebell Sport USA, Co Owner of Art Of Strength NJ in Warren NJ, and Owner of Punch Kettlebell Gym Far Hills and New Jersey Adventure Boot Camp. With prominent world class level expertise in Kettlebell training and competition, Valerie is AOS, RKC, WKC, IKSFA and AKA Certified in Kettlebell Coaching and Instruction and the educational director and founder of Vintage Strength Training.

She is also Owner of The Body Barn Personal Training, “where fitness is cultivated” and celebrating over a decade as owner of NJ Adventure Boot Camp “The Ultimate Out of Gym Experience” and largest outdoor fitness boot camp program worldwide.


In 1986 after receiving her B.A. in Communications from William Paterson University, Valerie’s dream of working in television production was fulfilled at WOR-TV Channel 9. In 1994, deciding to pursue her passion for fitness, Valerie made the career change to become a professional Personal Trainer, certified by the American Council on Exercise, and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Additionally Valerie sought to become certified as a Medical Exercise Specialist, Post Rehab Technician, Nutrition Manager and Triathlon Coach.

Ultimately, Valerie earned the highly esteemed Certification for Personal Training with the American College of Sports Medicine. Instructor of Spinning, Pilates, Mat and Reformer as well as joint mobility and flexibility, are vital additional specialties Valerie has achieved certifications in.


World-renowned Veteran, World Champion in Kettlebell Sport on USA Team, Valerie is a 5-Time Gold Medalist and Professional athlete of Kettlebell Lifting known as, Girevoy Sport. Valerie is the first woman veteran, above age 50, to achieve a Master of Sport rank and this title in 24kg Kettlebell Long Cycle.

A prominent member, along with numerous esteemed pro, elite, Olympic and world-class athletes on Team Isagenix, Valerie is an ambassador of the Isagenix brand since 2009 representing the ultimate performance and results it provides.


She has raced numerous Triathlons spanning more than 12 years and competed in Elite level Spartan Racing, Adventure Racing and the Maguire Air Force Mud Run events. Valerie holds the 1998 First Place title in New Jersey All Natural Bodybuilding Competition.

For recreation, Valerie has discovered a love for kayaking, plays soccer goalie, bicycles, and enjoys tennis and hiking. When she’s not pushing the limits, you’ll find Valerie at Canyon Ranch enjoying every spa treatment possible while immersed in the beauty of nature, restoring balance and becoming rejuvenated.


IKSFA Level 1 & Level 2 Certified Kettlebell Sport Coach

AKA Level 1 Certified Kettlebell Sport Coach

IUKL International Certified Kettlebell Sport Judge

Mace and Club Certified Trainer, Vintage Strength Training February 2016

Art of Strength -AOS Kettlebell Instructor, February 2008

World Kettlebell Club -WKC Fitness Trainer, March, 2010

Russian Kettlebell Club - RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Sept 2010

American College of Sports Medicine - ACSM Personal Trainer, March 2010

Heart Zones Triathlon Coach, December 2009

A.C.E. Personal Trainer, 1994

NESTA Adventure Boot Camp Coach 2004

North American Association of Health & Fitness Professionals, Medical Exercise Specialist, 1994

North American Association of Health & Fitness Professionals, Post Rehab Technician, 1995

A.F.A.A. Weight Room and Resistance Trainer, 1995

Pilates Practitioner Polestar Education Balanced Body, 1999

Lifestyle Management Associates, Nutrition Specialist, 2000

LMA Nutrition Manager, 2006

Madd Dog Athletics Spin Instructor

BOSU Balance Trainer

Heart Saver AED First Aid, Active Release Flexibility Certified

Vintage Strength Training