Jesse Miner


Jesse Miner’s journey began in 1991 when he started training at age seven in the martial art of Taekwondo. In 1996, he achieved the rank of first Dan Black belt and then the rank of second Dan later in 2001 at age 17. He competed in martial art tournaments regularly throughout those years and he was also extremely fortunate to train under several instructors of other various styles such as Judo, jujitsu, Akido, Taijichuan and karate.


His career as a fitness professional started in February of 2006 when he applied for a group exercise instructor position at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA. Since then he’s learned multiple modalities of exercise classes and also became a personal trainer in 2007.


Currently, he is still working full time at Canyon Ranch and am passionate about constantly furthering my education. Some of his favorite training methods are bodyweight movement, kettlebells, sandbags, clubs and Maces.

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