Jason Tackett


Jason Tackett is 40 years old and has been training in unconventional strength methods with clubs, the mace and kettlebells for over five years. He’s been an avid practitioner of martial arts since the age of 13.

He’s competed in amateur kickboxing and MMA, trained and fought with some of the best MMA fighters in Northeast Mississippi.


He’s been mentored and received mace certification with Mr. Maceman, Rik Brown and the AKA dual certification Vintage Strength Training Adex Clubs and Mace.

He’s competed in Mace and Club championships and achieved first place at the Arnold Classic 2016 and 2017 as well as the Olympia in Vegas 2017.


Training with the clubs, mace and kettlebells have changed his life in many different ways for not only benefits of body but also the mind. He looks forward to helping others achieve so many goals and advance overall strength and fitness with these awesome tools.

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