Don Giafardino


Don Giafardino is the inventor of Adex Adjustable Exercise Clubs & Maces, unconventional training tools that originally aided in the strengthening and rehabilitation of his own shoulder, which allows any working person the luxury of owning a set of exercise clubs at a modest price.


Before devoting his work fulltime with Adex, Don held positions various positions:

  • Crane operator and technician
  • Cell phone tower climber
  • Custom motorcycle builder
  • Restaurant owner
  • Hydraulic technician
  • Chef
  • Associate editor and columnist to the largest circulated motorcycle magazine in Florida.

He is currently designing and testing new items for increasing the Adex product line.


Currently, he is still working full time at Canyon Ranch and am passionate about constantly furthering my education. Some of his favorite training methods are bodyweight movement, kettlebells, sandbags, clubs and Maces.


He has written articles for:

  • MadFit Mag
  • Unconventional Athletes Magazine
  • Megamad Fitness Magazine

Don is also a regular guest on the Motivation and Muscle Podcast. He is also the developer for education and standards in mace and club training and competition for the The Vintage Strength Games sports league operated by the All Americas Kettlebell Alliance.


He combined all of his life experiences in the successful designing and marketing of Adex Clubs and Maces.

Don devised the training system for, and conducts Certification Seminars and Workshops for furthering club and mace education. He has lectured to medical students at the University of Miami on the benefits of restorative therapies and has trained Physical Therapists in the use of clubs for rehabilitation.

In addition to his being a fitness enthusiast, fitness product developer and marketer, Don enjoys kayaking, cooking, dog training, and being the dad of three daughters.

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